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SWB715, SHEL LAB Digital Dual Tank Water Bath, 7 & 15 Liter Capacity, 1 EACH



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SHEL LAB high-performance water baths are accurate, easy to use, safe and durable. The digital set / digital read P.I.D. temperature controller maximizes rapid heat-up without temperature overshoot. A microprocessor achieves precise temperature control regardless of how the unit is loaded. Calibration is performed directly from the front panel.

This durable and dependable water bath comes with a variety of safety and convenience features. It has a unique lid design that allows condensation to drain back into the tank without spilling onto the work area. We have also incorporated a gasket around the water bath tank to prevent water from dripping onto the controls. A warm air jacketed design radiates heat to the sides and bottom of the tank, eliminating hot spots. The unit has a non-contact, recessed heating element that will prevent burnouts if the water level is too low.

The water bath tank is constructed of stainless steel and does not have seams that could leak. The radius corners of the tank make cleaning easy. The unit’s housings have a high quality textured powder coat finish. This electrostatically applied finish not only eliminates rust and chipping but is resistant to nicks, scratches and corrosives.

SHEL LAB Digital Water Baths are durable, dependable, and are available in many sizes with a variety of safety and convenience features. These features include:

  • Easy-to-Clean Stainless Steel Tank

  • Air Jacket Heating Eliminates Hot Spots

  • Recessed Heating Element Prevents Burnout

  • Thermometer Clip

  • 24 Month Limited Warranty *excludes tank

“It’s very nice to see that your company respects the customer and will go way beyond the norm in satisfying my problem with an old water bath. I am now advertising YOUR company in my shop for any lab equipment and that your company, SHEL LAB, does support the customer and doesn’t forget you after you made a purchase. It’s a pleasure doing business with SHEL LAB and again you will be the first company that I bring up in a conversation on standing by their equipment."

Eugene Modzelewski, Senior Electronics Technician, Yale University

Agency Approval:TUV-CUE
Temperature Control:Microprocessor
Temperature Uniformity:+/-0.2 °C (at 37 °C)
Temperature Range:Ambient +5 °C to 80 °C
Exterior Dimensions WxDxH in. (cm):24.3 x 19.3 x 8.8 (61.6 x 48.9 x 22.3)
Interior Dimensions WxDxH in. (cm):7 L Tank: 11.7 x 6 x 6 (29.8 x 15.2 x 15.2) 15 L Tank: 11.7 x 13 x 6 (29.8 x 33 x 15.2)
Capacity:7 L & 15 L
Maximum Energy Consumption (W):960/1080


All specifications are determined by using average values on standard equipment at an ambient temperature of (22 ¬± 3) °C and line voltages within +/-10% of unit type (115V/230V). Temperature specifications follow DIN 12880 methodology. We reserve the right to change specifications at any time.