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R1010, Rack, PCR, 96x0.2ml, with lid, Orange

UOM: CS SKU: R1010


Product Details

Test Tube Racks 

MTC Bio’s benchtop tube racks are made of 100% polypropylene and are available in three popular configurations. No. R1030 is a 4-way rack that can be used to hold 4x 50ml, 12x 15ml or 32x micro tubes (0.5, 1.5 or 2ml). They can be snap-linked together to form as large as rack as is needed. No. R1070 is a unique rack that holds 30x 15ml and 20x 50ml. No R1050 is a reversible rack for 96x 1.5ml on one side and 96x 0.5ml on the other.


Freezer/Storage Boxes 

Suitable for refrigerator and freezer storage as low as -80ÀöC, these boxes have translucent lids and numbered cavities. No. R1010 is a PCR workstation rack/box for 96x 0.2ml (plates, strips or individual tubes). No. R1020 is a 10√ó10 format with an attached hinged lid. No. R1060 is the standard 9√ó9 format with a friction fit lid.